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    800VA-1000VA (International)
    AVR UPS with USB Charging Ports
    MSRP : $ 94.99
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    • 1000VA line-interactive UPS
    • 10 outlets (5 battery backup + surge, 5 surge only; 2 transformer-spaced)
    • 2 USB charge ports for small electronic devices
    • 6 LED indicators for UPS status, battery backup, AVR, max. load, low battery, fault warning indicators
    • 2-boost, 1-buck AVR function to stablize input voltage
    • Advance battery management-increases longevity, performance, and reliability
    • Separate power switch for energy savings on segregated outlets
    • DC cold start function for greater mobility
    • HID USB communications interface with power management software (UAS models only)


    The Power Office series desktop UPS in line-interactive topology is your workspace solution for reliable power protection for workstations, POS systems, and other small electronics that keep you up and running. Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) line conditioning corrects minor voltage fluctuations coming from utility power without switching to battery power, effectively creating a seamless stream of power with a high-efficiency design to save on energy costs by reducing energy consumption and heat buildup. It is a must-have feature in any location where power is unstable, even if not a complete blackout, to protect against data loss and other minor degradations due to power fluctuations. Two Type A USB charging ports keep your small portable electronics charged without taking up an outlet space with a power block. A built-in communication port connects the UPS to computer to automatically save open files and shut down unattended computers after the user-specified duration during backup mode (UAS models only).

    Typical Applications
    • Personal Computers • Monitors • IoT Electronics
    • Workstations • Small Entertainment Devices • Home Networking Equipment
    • Alarm & Phone Systems • Home Surveillance Systems • Point of Sale (POS) Devices

    Main Features
    (5) Battery Backup & Surge Protected Outlets
    Provides battery power in the event of a power disturbance outside the acceptable UPS threshold to supply connected equipment enough power to safely shut down. This helps prevent data loss and decreases likelihood of component stress due to sudden shutdown. These outlets also protect connected electronics from transient surges and spikes.

    (5) Surge-Only Protected Outlets
    Protects connected electronics from transient surges and spikes.

    (2) Wide-Spaced Outlets
    Outlets with extra spacing to accommodate transformer plugs without blocking access to other outlets.

    (2) USB Charging Ports
    Charge small electronic devices simultaneously.

    Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
    Provides consistent, clean power to connected electronics by monitoring and adjusting incoming utility power for minor voltage fluctuations instead of switching over to battery power. This model offers 2-boost step-up and 1-buck step-down voltage regulation.

    Active Power Factoring Compensation (APFC)
    Improves the power factor of the UPS under fluctuating load conditions to improve current-carrying capacity, reduce power loss, and improve voltage to connected equipment. The overall benefits include better power efficiency to reduce electricity bill.

    (6) LED Status Indicators
    Provides real-time UPS statuses and power conditions.

      Independent Power Switch With Circuit Breaker for Surge-Only Outlets
    A master power switch controls the whole unit while a second power switch with its own circuit breaker allows turning the surge-only outlets on or off to cut down on energy costs.

    Microprocessor-Controlled (MCU)
    Increases performance and reliability of UPS functions and features.

    Advanced Battery Management (ABM) Technology
    Multi-stage battery charging and battery monitoring system to prolong the performance, lifespan, and reliability of the battery.

    Auto Restart When Utility Power Returns
    The UPS will automatically restart operation after utility power is restored and battery is in good condition if a prolonged power outage completely depletes the battery.

    Cold Start Function
    Allows powering on the UPS without utility power. This is useful if you need to turn on the UPS during a power outage or failure to use battery power.

    Off-Mode Charging
    The UPS will continue to charge its internal batteries while powered off as long as it is plugged into a working AC mains outlet.

    Audible Alarm
    An audible alert sounds if the UPS is experiencing an abnormal condition such as Battery Mode, Low Battery, Overload, and Fault.

    Ethernet/Phone/Fax/DSL Data Line Surge Protection
    RJ-11/45 combo jacks suppress data line surges.

    What's Included
    • POF-1000UA
    • USB Type A+B Cable ('UAS' models)
    • Power Management Software ('UAS' models via download in Software tab)
    • User's Manual

    This product contains batteries that have battery posts, terminals and related accessories that can expose you to lead and/or other lead compounds as well as other chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to http://www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.