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    Power Personal UPS
    Standby UPS 120Vac with battery door design 
    Power Office UPS
    Line interative UPS 120VAC with 6 LEDs indicator &energy saving switch 
    PowerPro UPS
    Line interative UPS 120Vac with Power management software 
    Surveillance UPS
    9-18 ports Cameras power 2 ports 120Vac with power failure notification 
    Logic AVR Series
    Boost/Buck AVR 120Vac wall mountable 
    PRO AVR Series
    2 Boost/Buck AVR 120 Vac 8 outlets 
    Micro AVR Series
    2 Boost/1 Buck AVR 120Vac LCD screen 
    Home Inverter Series
    Inverter 120Vac with 10 A(max.) intelligent charger  
    Intelligent Inverter Series
    Inverter 120V LCD with 30Amp (Max.) charger 
    Smart PowerPlus Series
    Off-Grid Pure sine wave Inverter built-in MPPT solar charger