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    SRP : $ 319.99
    Out of Stock

    • 10KVA automatic voltage regulator

    • Compatible servo-motor type & relay
      type AVR features

    • With servo-motor type AVR high 
      precision while without the instant 
      high voltage surge

    • With relay type AVR quick response 
      reach high precision

    • Authentic zero-crossing technology 
      catches real current zero-crossing

    • Taylor made C.R.G.O. toroidal transformer 

    • High efficiency, low loss, low rising 
      temperature, and long lifespan 

    • High performance and high speed MCU
      control for lower power consumption and
      better efficiency 

    • Independent SMT processing technology

    • Resettable circuit breaker for overload 

    • Full function, graphic LED display indicator 
      for easy status reading 

    • Selectable delay time setting (6/180s) for 
      differen kinds of applications
      (e.g., computer or refrigerator) 

    • Optional W Series for input range of 
      100~260VAC @ 220VAC and 65~142VAC 
      @ 120VAC

    The Digital Plus AVR Series is designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level to protect sensitive electronics from brownouts and overvoltages. With servo-motor type AVR technology and microprocessor controller, it allows quick response reach high precision, lower power consumption, better efficiency for detecting and regulating voltage. It also provides wide input voltage range to fit all kinds of equipment from electronic devices to sensitive computers. Equipped with time-delay function, this AVR will protect connected devices from power-back surges or compressor against any consecutive starts. The graphic LED screen can display the input and output voltage status.

    Protection for Office Equipment, Factory Application, Home Appliances, and Industrial.